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Mangamo is the mobile manga app that gives readers around the world official access to tons of manga from official publishers while supporting creators. Mangamo has one of the largest mobile manga libraries of over 1,000 titles and 20,000 chapters. New manga series and new chapters are added daily. Every manga available on Mangamo is officially licensed from publishers, curated by a dedicated editorial team, and professionally translated into English.

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Mangamo’s Plus membership gives you unlimited access to 50+ Only On Mangamo exclusive titles, including all chapters of My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999, Devil-Chi, Date of Marriage, Nanase-san’s Crazy Love Obsession, I Fell in Love and I’m Streaming It, Ghost Story Loop, Ugly Duckling of the Entertainment District and much, much, more for a subscription of US$4.99 per month (cost may vary depending on your region). In addition to unlimited access to these titles, the Plus catalog includes thousands’ more chapters from other popular series that represent a select group of chapters of each series.

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Coins are the currency on Mangamo you can use to redeem series chapters and volumes. You can purchase coins and redeem them for access to chapters or volumes of series available for purchase. We have many popular and hit manga series from Japan that you can purchase with ease. When you buy volumes or chapters with coins, you can access them at any time.

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Most manga series on Mangamo offer free chapters, so you can try out the series before you make any purchases. When you install the Mangamo app, you can begin reading right away. No sign-up required. Each series has a different amount of free chapters, ranging from the first chapter to over half the series. 

Many of our manga series in our Plus catalog include free chapters offered as Daily Free Chapters. That means you can read one free chapter per day for each series, but you must wait 24 hours until you can read the next chapter. When the 24 hours is up, you can jump into the next chapter and continue reading for free.