What is Mangamo?
Mangamo is the first mobile manga subscription service to give readers unlimited access to hundreds of titles from a growing list of publishers. Mangamo subscribers have access to over 300 titles - more than any other legal mobile app - including titles never before released in English. Every title on Mangamo is curated by our editorial team, professionally localized and licensed from publishers legally.


Mangamo features high-quality manga images and a customized reader which automatically tracks and manages the titles you are reading.

Also, did we mention there are no ads? No ads EVER. You can read and absorb stories without any interruption whatsoever.

How much is Mangamo?

$4.99 USD a month. That's it. No additional fees or locked content. No tickets, tokens or magic required.

Where can I get Mangamo?
Mangamo is available on iOS and Android devices.

What languages are available on Mangamo?
Currently all titles on Mangamo are in English.

Is Mangamo available in my country?
Mangamo is available globally on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Some countries excluded.

What is Daily Free Chapter?

When you install the Mangamo app, you can begin reading right away. No sign-up required. Read a chapter free every 24 hours.

Where can I find the list of titles available in Mangamo’s library?

Download the Mangamo app to see the list of titles. You do not need to register as a subscriber to view the titles available.

Will there be more manga on Mangamo in the future?
Absolutely. Mangamo is working tirelessly to add new publishers and manga to our app. New chapters drop weekly.

How does Mangamo support manga creators?

Mangamo only licenses manga and comics directly from established publishers. We do not condone manga piracy, which only serves to damage the manga industry and its creators.

What mobile operating system do I need to run Mangamo?

For optimal performance: Android 6+ / iOS 7+

Can I upload my manga/web comics to Mangamo?

Sorry, we aren't accepting unsolicited content at this time. However. if you are a manga/comic creator with a publishing deal and would like your content featured on Mangamo, your publisher can contact us at contact@mangamo.com.

​Where can I get more information about Mangamo?

Sign up for our mailing list here.


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