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Mangamo is unlimited access to over one hundred series.


For only 4.99 per month, you have unlimited access to over one hundred published Manga Series from Japan.


Most of these Series are new or never-been-released in English before, so we bring you the newest and most exciting trends in Manga straight from Japan. And most of the Series are ongoing, so you get fresh updated Chapters every week from dozens of ongoing series.

All Series have been professionally produced, professionally curated, professionally localized and licensed legally. So dig in without worrying about breaking the law! Tune in, as we are continually adding new Series to our roster. Rest assured that every new Manga we get will be included in your low monthly fee, 100% ad-free.

Customized Reading Experience


We take your Manga experience seriously. We serve up the best quality graphic images for fast loading. Our customized reader gives you the most intuitive and pleasurable experience—we get out of the way so that you can enjoy your Manga, but are right back up when you need to navigate.


And since you love diving into different Manga, we track all your reading progress, Series you want to add for later, and Manga that you’ve completed for easy access at any time.

Zero Ads. All Story.

If you love Manga as much as we do join now!

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